Are two IUIs better than one? by Christopher Herndon, M.D.

Patients frequently ask whether there is a clear-cut advantage to having two IUIs in one cycle rather than just one. Published studies vary in their design and conclusions but the balance show little, if any, benefit to having a second IUI.

Our primary approach is to focus on pinpointing the time of ovulation as precisely as possible. We then deliver the sperm into the uterus either close to the time of ovulation or shortly before it. There is strong evidence that insemination a day or two after ovulation has already occurred does not lead to pregnancy.

Preparation of semen for IUI includes gentle spinning in a centrifuge in order to separate motile normal sperm from immotile dead sperm, debris and seminal fluid which can irritate the uterus.

In most cases, we do not recommend two IUIs because of the increased cost and inconvenience. However, on rare occasions, after several well-timed single IUIs without conception, we have performed two inseminations in a single cycle especially when frozen-thawed sperm is used.

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