Our Patients

We maintain an open door policy welcoming men and women in pursuit of fertility and a family from a full spectrum of different backgrounds. Our patients include heterosexual couples and same-sex couples as well as single women and men desiring a family. In addition to individuals with infertility, our patients include women with pregnancy loss and couples seeking gender prediction.

Upon recommendation of the Alta Bates Ethics Committee, our program does not limit access to services on the basis of advanced age alone (Donor Eggs). Instead of a fixed age limit, we tailor the social and clinical evaluation to each individual situation.

On rare occasions we might advise against conception in women whose life-threatening diseases could be aggravated by pregnancy and delivery (Cancer and Fertility). In these unusual circumstances gestational surrogacy may be an acceptable approach (What Is Surrogacy?).

We do not exclude patients from treatment because of high FSH levels (How Do We Test Ovarian Reserve) or other conditions which may make their chance of a successful outcome very low. Consequently, many patients rejected by other programs come to Alta Bates for continued attempts. Thus the percentage of women with diminished ovarian reserve in our clinic is more than twice the national average.

Some of our patients come with a fixed idea of how they wish to build their family. Others wisely defer this decision until their evaluation is completed so we can clearly lay out all of the options open to them with specific odds of success and approximate costs. Identifying each patient’s specific prognosis is the major goal of the initial evaluation.

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