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This is our second round at IVF following the successful birth of our first daughter, now age 4. I have nothing but praise and admiration for the venerable Dr. Chetkowski and his staff, and consider ourselves fortunate to have such expertise available in the East Bay.

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Richard Chetkowski, MD

Working with Dr. Chetkowski was an absolute pleasure. He is very professional and realistic about outcomes. He is frank and honest which is so helpful in the process. It is also very evident to me that he truely cares about me as a patient. I really felt that he took the time with me to make me feel comfortable and valued my concerns every step of the way. Also, the staff at the clinic are outstanding. Every call and interaction was highly supportive and caring. It made the whole experience so much easier.
- Jessica Mendenhall


I originally came from Europe to the US to find out more about surrogacy as I always wanted to be a father but as gay man, I was not sure exactly how I would realize my dream... After a 1st successful embryo transfer, my surrogate is almost 12 weeks pregnant and it's no longer a dream... Dr. Chetkowski has been amazing since my first visit in explaining very clearly the whole process of surrogacy and being transparent and honest with high ethical standards... He is not only one of the best technicians in fertilization, Dr. Chetkowski is accessible and available to his patients and has a real human approach. Thanks also to his team, especially Barbara and Wendy who have been so sweet! Alta Bates' partners (agency, attorney, psy, etc.) have all similarities: great professionals with long experience. Thank you so much for making this journey the best ever!!!! - Michael


This is our second round at IVF following the successful birth of our first daughter, now age 4. I have nothing but praise and admiration for the venerable Dr. Chetkowski and his staff, and consider ourselves fortunate to have such expertise available in the East Bay. - R.D.


Dr. Chetkowski and the staff at Alta Bates Fertility are all warm and comforting through a deeply personal and challenging process. They are thoroughly professional and amazingly successful in their field. I always trust that I'm in capable and loving hands when I am here. - C.B.


Dr. Chetkowski and his staff is amazing! We had our son because of them. They are like family to us now. This is why we are back here again, for our second! Dr. Chetkowski listens and addresses your concerns. I love this place!! - T.L.


I was seen in preparation for a frozen embryo transfer. I was seen on time, Dr. Chetkowski was professional and kind. His staff is always helpful and thorough in explaining everything. Great experience. - N.M.


Dr. Chetkowski and staff did an outstanding job helping me through this difficult course. - P.P.


I have been a patient with Dr. Chetkowski since 2011. I have been a surrogate through his program twice now. I am very happy with my care and the services provided are phenomenal. The staff always has a great attitude and always available to answer any questions I have. - M.J.


We had an IVF procedure with donated eggs. This was our second cycle of IVF, the first cycle ended sadly so we were trying again. It was a success this time and we now have twin boys. - M.M.


Dr. Chetkowski is a very intelligent, caring doctor who is able to think outside the box and provide you with highly personalized, individualized care. I am very greatful to him and his wonderful staff. - Y.R.


Very good experience and extremely professional and caring staff. - S.K.


The staff is very friendly and accomodating. Dr. Chetowski is straight to the point and honest. No results from the fertility treatments we have had, but I am confident it will happen one day with the help of the staff and Dr. Chetowski. - E.R.</p>

Love the doctor, nurses, and office staff. Very personal feel, versus some of the fertility "factories". Also pragmatic, data based approach to "get to know my ovaries". - L.O.


Professional and helpful. - C.C.


great - M.C.


Christopher Herndon, MD

After a first round of IVF with poor results in basically every step of the process, Dr. Herndon took the time to evaluate what could be done differently and better the second time round. His revised plan in round two yielded 6 really healthy embryos. Everyone one at the clinic was such a pleasure to work with, making a very difficult medical and emotional situation as pleasant, upbeat, and stress-free as possible. I now have two wild and beautiful two-year-olds running around my house. - Anne A.


Dr Herndon has guided me and my husband through several IUI's and has given excellent treatment and advice that was the best for my situation. We are very happy with our results and are ecstatic about our growing family!! Also, the nurses and Barbara were always friendly and they made me feel so welcome there. They gave hugs when needed and were the first to cheer me on on my path to be a Mother. Thank you all!!! - L.S.


I have been working with Christopher Herndon, MD since November 2014 and it has been a wonderful experience. He is extremely thoughtful and thorough and takes the time to answer questions. Wendy, Maria, Vivian, Marissa, and Barbara are phenomenal! They are well informed, accommodating, and quite personable. I am so pleased that I chose this practice. - A.L.


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"Patients are my partners. Together we have been making their dreams come true since 1984." ~Dr. Richard Chetkowski