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Beyond what age is pregnancy not recommended? by Chris Herndon, M.D.

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There is no universally accepted age after which pregnancy is not recommended. Advanced maternal age is traditionally defined as pregnancy at or over the age of 35 years. Not only does it become harder for women to conceive after age … Continue reading

Are two IUIs better than one? by Christopher Herndon, M.D.

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Patients frequently ask whether there is a clear-cut advantage to having two IUIs in one cycle rather than just one. Published studies vary in their design and conclusions but the balance show little, if any, benefit to having a second … Continue reading

Egg donor files a lawsuit about compensation by Andras Szell, Ph.D.

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An egg donor, Lindsay Kamakahi, filed a class action lawsuit in April 2011 against the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM), the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology (SART), and the Pacific Fertility Center (PFC) in San Francisco. She claims that … Continue reading

Low Cost IVF – Lowering Cost of Donor Egg by Richard Chetkowski, M.D.

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Donor eggs offer the only chance of a live birth to a large number of women whose ovaries do not work, whose eggs are no longer viable, who may carry a genetic disorder or who have failed multiple other fertility … Continue reading