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This is our second round at IVF following the successful birth of our first daughter, now age 4. I have nothing but praise and admiration for the venerable Dr. Chetkowski and his staff, and consider ourselves fortunate to have such expertise available in the East Bay.

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Cost and financial considerations frequently play a major role in decision making about fertility treatments. Many patients have insurance coverage but the extent of coverage varies widely and figuring it out can be a challenge. Our financial coordinator, Maria Castillo, acts as patient advocate to determine if your insurance includes infertility treatments, how much is covered and how you can best utilize this coverage.

There are three main types of health insurance: traditional indemnity policies, PPOs and HMOs. Indemnity and PPO policies do not usually restrict their subscribers’ choice of a fertility clinic, but receiving care from a physician within the network of preferred providers usually reduces out-of-pocket expenses. HMOs restrict access to certain fertility clinics and typically require pre-authorization in advance of a visit to a specialist and any treatment. Since insurance plans frequently exclude IVF cost, many patients with insurance become self-pay for these treatments.

Dr. Chetkowski is currently a preferred provider with:  Aetna PPO/Managed Choice, America’s Choice, Coventry, Fortifield Provider, Health Net, Humana, Interplan and Sutter Select. We accept HMO patients through 4 medical groups: Alta Bates/Toland, Hill Physicians, Affinity and Sutter East Bay Medical Foundation. Even if your insurance plan is not on the above list, you may still have coverage for treatment and our staff will be happy to assist you.

Self-Pay Costs

Self-pay patients receive a discount relative to the charges billed to insurance companies. The IVF treatment options have greatly multiplied over the years so it is impossible to quote a single self-pay price. The self-pay prices range from $12,500 to $17,000 and include: ovarian monitoring, egg retrieval with anesthesia and operating room, embryo laboratory, one embryo transfer and first hCG test to diagnose pregnancy. What is not included are: pre-treatment evaluation (semen analysis, HSG, saline infusion sono-hysterogram, hormone tests, infectious disease tests, prenatal panel, genetic testing), medications, embryo testing (PGS/PGD), subsequent frozen embryo transfer, donor sperm and pregnancy management after the first hCG test.

The above prices are approximate and subject to change without prior notification.

Donor Egg IVF Cost

The all-inclusive cost of treatment with egg donor eggs ranges from $25,000 to $35,000 when donors from our program are used. The lower price reflects sharing of the eggs and donor costs by two recipients each of whom receives half of the oocytes retrieved. At the higher price a single recipient receives all the eggs. When an outside donor egg agency is chosen, the cost is generally higher and more variable. When a known egg donor, such as a sister, is providing the eggs, the approximate cost is $25,000 exclusive of a legal contract.

The above prices are approximate and subject to change without prior notification.


Outside financing offers many loan options with a high chance for loan approval. You can apply quickly and securely via the web at:

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"Patients are my partners. Together we have been making their dreams come true since 1984." ~Dr. Richard Chetkowski